The history of our company dates back into 90´s of the last century, when Ing. Rostislav Bednar, the founder of the company, began to breed exotic reptiles and small mammals. He has put together a large collection of various species, consisting mainly of non-venomous snakes and tortoises. He used to export captive bred reptiles to all over the world, as one of the first Czech breeders he legally exported his offspring to eg. Japan, Mexico or USA. As time passed, a new, large and modern breeding facility has been built in Nošovice, where also official quarantine station for reptiles and small mammals was approved by State Veterinary Authorities. Our company, at that date an official Ltd already (founded in 1997), has started to import reptiles, amphibians and small mammals from all over the world.

A few years after, we have built a new large warehouse and started to manufacture and distribute animal foods and pet accessories. We have made contracts with a few known European manufacturers in 2005 to officially distribute their products, the main companies are Lucky Reptile, Arcadia and NEKTON. Shortly after, Farma Python s.r.o. became one of the leading Czech distributors of reptile related accessories.