We are very proud of our private breeding facility for Neotropical primates (mainly Callithricidae), which is strictly non-commercial. We currently keep and breed more than 15 species of marmosets and tamarins. As our facility is fully approved by official authorities and also BALAI registered, we are allowed to cooperate with many Czech and also foreign zoos, rescue centers and private breeders even outside European Union.

Our collection of small primates includes some very rare species and we are very happy to be able to breed them and help certain species not to disappear from wild nature. We are probably one of the very few private breeders, succesfully keeping and breeding species as Mico melanurus, Callithrix kuhlii or Saguinus mystax. The other species we are working with includes Callithrix jacchus, Callithrix geoffroyi, Callithrix penicillata, Callithrix pygmaea (both subspecies niveiventris and pygmaea), Mico argentatus, Saguinus oedipus, Saguinus midas, Saguinus labiatus, Saguinus imperator subgrisescens, Saguinus fuscicollis lagonotus, Callimico goeldii, Leontopithecus chrysomelas.

We also keep and breed White-faced Sakis Pithecia pithecia.

The majority of our parent livestock comes out of European Union and we are more than open to any cooperation with zoological gardens and other private institutions by means of bloodline exchange and experience sharing. Please feel free to contact us.

Please kindly note, we don´t provide any primates to pet owners or traders.

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